Aim  of our academy

The medical knowledge is vast and spreading infinitely, although through this  unique effort we will  provide a platform for  medical professionals to enhance knowledge.

This is an sincere effort to gather all scattered information and concise briefly so that all post graduates, consultants, teachers, medical professionals and our patients will be benefited and connected with each other through our academy.

It includes both  educational and social aspect of exchanging knowledge. This academy bears unique feature of giving a forum for medical professionals and patients /people to interact, educate and learn.

You are always a student, never a master, You have to keep moving forward..
Cornard Hall

Our academy aims for quality education and learning for individual, which will develop a broad outlook towards life.

Our goal will be achieved if our professional colleagues enrich them with the ocean of knowledge and fulfill the needs of the society to provide them the best of the medical treatment.


AS Academy