Anaesthesiologist… Multifaceted talent

Greetings to all…

AS Academy-Anaesthesia and surgery academy is online approach to Anaesthesiology knowledge like a rapid sequence induction !
As a clinician I always believe that work experience is the key of perfection but as a academician I should agree that eyes will never see what mind doesn’t know ! That’s why Anaesthesiologist should have knowledge of all disease conditions and surgery.

Anaesthesiologist -an expert and compassionate perioperative physician who not only gives assurance to patient but also provide successful vigilant care.Post graduate training of Anaesthesiology itself has four pillars-1.hard work 2.knowledge3. strict vigilance 4.skills perfection.

In our residency period we use to always carry textbook in our hands but todays residents they carry smart phones, just one click and textbook in palm… generation gap? Or generation ahead?
But we have to be with them that’s why we designed this website with multiple sections which will provide theory as well as practical knowledge. Exams are never tough..preparation matters!
Anaesthesiologist has many responsibilities like from working in operation theatre to take care of post op patient in ICU as intensivist,teach duty doctors and nursing staff as their instructors and communicate between relatives.. surprisingly we all do this very well.

AS Academy is dynamic platform for all budding and practicing anaesthesiologist. We are thankful to our seniors that they embedded the capabilities to serve for society and nurture the future.

Sincere effort to share the knowledge !

Dr.Ajita Annachhatre